1config REGRESS
   2        bool "Include the regression test device"
   3        default y
   4        help
   5          The regression test device allows you to push commands to monitor()
   6          for testing. Defaults to 'y' for now.
   8config DEVVARS
   9        bool "#vars kernel variable exporter"
  10        default y
  11        help
  12          The #vars device exports read access to select kernel variables.
  14config DEVVARS_TEST
  15        bool "#vars test files"
  16        depends on DEVVARS
  17        default n
  18        help
  19          Have #vars include a collection of test files that devvars utest
  20          uses.  Say 'y' if you plan to use the utest, at the expense of having
  21          a cluttered #vars.