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last changeTue, 22 Aug 2017 20:12:02 +0000 (16:12 -0400)
2 hours ago Zach ZimmermanVmm file mmap ept fault fix (XCC) master origin/master current
2 hours ago Ronald G. MinnichChange map_memory and setup_paging to use virtual_machi...
8 days ago Barret Rhodenvmm: Don't allow both greedy and SCP mode
8 days ago Barret Rhodenvmm: Use relative alarms for periodic LAPIC timers
8 days ago Barret Rhodenvmm: Prioritize task threads over guest threads
8 days ago Barret Rhodencons: Clamp the amount written to the console
8 days ago Barret Rhodensched: Use a relative alarm
8 days ago Barret Rhodenmm: Enforce MAP_PRIVATE xor MAP_SHARED (XCC)
8 days ago Barret Rhodenmm: Fix VMR merge issues
8 days ago Barret Rhodenslab: Properly account for allocs from slabs
8 days ago Barret Rhodenperf: Fix off-by-one retval for write()
8 days ago Barret RhodenReduce mmaps from vfprintf (XCC)
8 days ago Dan Crossvmm: Exit console input thread if we get EOF on stdin
2017-07-31 Barret Rhodeneventfd: Use write_hex_to_fd() (XCC)
2017-07-31 Barret Rhodenvmm: Use a task_thread cache
2017-07-31 Barret Rhodenparlib: slab: mmap with PROT_EXEC
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