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last changeWed, 15 Feb 2017 19:05:25 +0000 (14:05 -0500)
5 days ago Barret RhodenExport CONFIG_ options via #version/kconfig master origin/master current
5 days ago Barret RhodenUse const for readstr() and readmem() source args
5 days ago Barret Rhodennet: Set DONT_FRAGMENT for unfragmented packets
6 days ago Barret Rhodenx86: serial: Don't print a \n with \r
6 days ago Barret Rhodenvmm: Squelch noisy prints
6 days ago Barret Rhodennet: Use NULL to signal lack of promisc/multicast
10 days ago Barret Rhodenmlx4/bnx2x: Throw error() for promiscuous mode
11 days ago Barret Rhodenstrace: Support all sorts of crazy things!
11 days ago Barret Rhodendevproc: Remove unused or dangerous commands
11 days ago Barret RhodenDon't use MEM_WAIT in alloc_sysc_str()
11 days ago Barret Rhodenstrace: Use the kpage allocator for traces
11 days ago Barret Rhodenstrace: Use Qmsg for the trace log (XCC)
11 days ago Barret Rhodenstrace: Block the target when the strace q is full
11 days ago Barret Rhodenpth: Use barriers in pthread tests
11 days ago Barret Rhodenpth: Remove fun debugging comment
11 days ago Barret Rhodenparlib: Don't run ctors in "fake parlib"
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