ownerBarret Rhoden
last changeTue, 21 Mar 2017 18:29:06 +0000 (14:29 -0400)
3 days ago Barret Rhodenucq: Fix print_ucq() master origin/master current
3 days ago Barret Rhodenrandom: Support epoll() and select()
3 days ago Barret Rhodencons: Support epolling /dev/null
3 days ago Barret Rhodenstrace: Handle variable-width timestamps
3 days ago Barret Rhodennet: Allow local.d configs to specify HOST / FQDN
3 days ago Barret Rhodenparlib: slab: Fix ancient ctor off-by-one
3 days ago Barret Rhodenparlib: Align the stack when saving FP state
2017-03-02 Barret Rhodenparlib: Fix potential races with DTLS
2017-03-02 Barret Rhodenparlib: Fix assertion in cpu_relax_vc()
2017-03-02 Barret Rhodenparlib: Remove get_user_ctx_stack()
2017-03-02 Barret Rhodennet: socket: Implement accept4() (XCC)
2017-03-02 Barret Rhodennet: socket: Support SOCK_CLOEXEC (XCC)
2017-03-02 Barret Rhodennet: Report listen files with incalls as readable
2017-03-02 Barret Rhodenceq: Add a dump function
2017-03-02 Barret Rhodenepoll: Error out if someone asks for one-shot
2017-03-02 Barret Rhodenepoll: Give every waiter their own event queue
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