2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: fp memory allocation (faked)
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: alloc aligned memory
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: bring back bxe_prev_unload and others
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: resets slightly later, connect sc->edev/ifp
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: use separate lists for 9ns and BSD stuff
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: Manages if 0 a bit
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: fixes ECORE sleep loops
2015-02-03 Barret Rhodenkthread_usleep()
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: interrupt registration
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: slightly better memory management
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: PCI cap detection and similar settings
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBSD PCI #defines
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenPCI helper find_cap
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: cleans up MMIO / BAR setup
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: attach
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenAdds PCI config dump helper
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenAdds PCI iobar helper
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: bring in the bus_space_{read,write}
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: basic probe
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: mutex initialization
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: alarm runs in RKM context
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenClarifies alarm usage
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: catches potential PF
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: get rid of useless warning.
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichPlan 9 does this in a different place and different...
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: if there's a way to tell teh stack to pause, I...
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichnet: add LRO feature
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: correctly use the maddr in the netif.
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: fix copyin/copyout
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: we have an unload. It's called 'reboot'
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: no support for changing media type, so don't waste...
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: add back an ioctl.
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: properly get the maddr from the netif.
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: fake out if_setflags/if_getflags
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichBXE: the IGU stuff appears OK now
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: remove another warning
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: replace callout code with alarm code.
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichbxe: more cleanup.
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: more minor changes
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBus space barriers (XCC)
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: randomread()
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: ilog2->LOG2_UP
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenPCI: helpers for BSD
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenMakes bcopy part of string.h
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: bus_dma hacks
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: malloc fixups
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: min->MIN, plus an spatch
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: changes sp_state back to a long
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: Enabled taskqueue code
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBSD taskqueues via KMSGs
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: locking and mutexes
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenUseful script for spatching
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichDon't try to attach hardware we know doesn't work.
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichMove to using the adapter struct for the ctlr.
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichBring more stuff back. Still builds.
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichNow builds with this set of changes.
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: Atomics
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBit ops
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichRandom fixes
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: minor changes
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenBXE: pcidev fixups
2015-02-03 Barret RhodenAdds driver shell for BXE
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichBuilds, and there is now a menuconfig option for BXE.
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichCompiles, won't link.
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichanother checkpoint ...
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichNow it gets fun. Hundreds of errors. Oh joy.
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichAnother incremental.
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichanother checkpoint commit. No longer builds.
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichNo longer builds, but this is a good intermediate save...
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichDid not need to comment out the bxe_dma stuff.
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichBring back debug print functions, other changes directe...
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichBuilds with many warnings.
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichFurther changes to get it to build.
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichPut things in the right place and start building. Not...
2015-02-03 Ron Minnichinitial import of bxe from FreeBSD 10.0
2015-01-30 Barret RhodenFixes pcpu lock tracer
2015-01-29 Godfrey van... Fix void* arithmetic bug. Add dassert facility.
2015-01-29 Barret RhodenAdds a test for the u16 pool
2015-01-29 Barret RhodenCleans up smallpool, adds locking
2015-01-29 Barret RhodenLindent + comments
2015-01-28 Barret RhodenAdds some programs to busybox's default
2015-01-28 Barret RhodenBusybox will rebuild when defconfig changes
2015-01-27 Barret RhodenRemoves debugging code
2015-01-26 Ron MinnichFor your inspection: small id pool
2015-01-23 Barret RhodenBusybox build infrastructure (BB)
2015-01-23 Barret RhodenRemoves KFS symlinks
2015-01-22 Barret RhodenSlightly more useful error() in validname()
2015-01-22 Ron MinnichClean up the debug printing
2015-01-22 Ron MinnichRemove a moron error in test/cs.c
2015-01-20 Godfrey van... Enable __builtin_clz for all architectures.
2015-01-20 Barret RhodenRemoves the option ENABLE_MP_TABLES
2015-01-20 Godfrey van... Use builtin_clz log2 for x86 architectures.
2015-01-20 Barret RhodenFixes busybox perror patch (BB)
2015-01-19 Barret RhodenFixes O_CLOEXEC
2015-01-19 Barret RhodenFixes kernel argument checking in "m"
2015-01-19 Barret RhodenFixes "m"
2015-01-17 Kevin Klues__nlink_t is 64 bits in stat struct, not 32
2015-01-16 Kevin KluesUpdate ifconfig for c99 at berkeley
2015-01-15 Barret RhodenFixes glibc stage 2 pthread errors (XCC)
2015-01-15 Godfrey van... Ignore all cscope files.