2019-10-01 Barret Rhodenx86: clean up MSI(X) output format
2019-10-01 Barret Rhodenslab: add kmem_cache_zalloc()
2019-10-01 Barret Rhodencbdma: skip initializing any PCI devices
2019-08-22 Barret Rhodenvmm: refactor userspace's emsr_fakewrite()
2019-08-22 Barret Rhodenvmm: x86: allow guests to poke MSR_IA32_PRED_CMD (XCC)
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuiommu: add documentation
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuiommu: populate functions for setup/teardown of page...
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuiommu: add support for iotlb shootdowns and write-buffe...
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuiommu: add essential functionality
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuiommu: cleanup intel-iommu.h
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuiommu: import "linux/intel-iommu.h" from Linux v5.1
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuucbdma: userspace cbdma test
2019-08-19 Aditya Basucbdma: add documentation
2019-08-19 Aditya Basucbdma: add support for Intel CBDMA/IOAT
2019-08-19 Aditya Basupci: add domain identifier
2019-08-19 Aditya Basupci: add mmio addr to #pci ctl files
2019-08-19 Barret Rhodengit: track the specific branch only
2019-08-14 Barret Rhodenacpi: handle machines with no MCFG
2019-08-14 Barret Rhodenpci: add support for MMIO config space
2019-08-14 Barret Rhodenpci: rename pci_{read,write}{8,16,32} accessors
2019-08-14 Barret Rhodenpci: remove PIO pci_{read,write}{8,16,32} declarations
2019-08-14 Barret Rhodenacpi: parse the MCFG table
2019-07-11 Barret Rhodenvmm: remove more verbose output
2019-07-11 Barret Rhodenalarm/cons/eventfd/random: improve tap errstr message
2019-07-11 Barret Rhodeninit: make #srv creatable when bound at /srv
2019-07-11 Barret Rhodentests: fix the return value of bind, srv, and stat
2019-07-11 Barret Rhodentmpfs: fix non-unique instance bug
2019-07-11 Barret Rhoden9ns: properly set dir->type and dir->dev for fs_files
2019-07-11 Barret Rhoden9ns: remove chandev{reset,init,shutdown}()
2019-07-11 Barret Rhoden9ns: remove unused device shutdown methods
2019-07-11 Barret Rhodenarena: catch bad spans containing '0'
2019-07-11 Barret Rhodenuth: add got_posix_signal() to the 2LS ops
2019-07-11 Barret RhodenAllow SYS_waitpid to be aborted
2019-07-11 Barret Rhodenbb: do not clobber the bash symlink
2019-07-11 Barret RhodenMake 'ps' not report itself
2019-07-11 Barret Rhodenvmm: net: use the MAC to signal the networking style
2019-07-11 Barret Rhodenvmm: add AKAROS_VMCALL_SHUTDOWN (XCC)
2019-06-12 Barret RhodenFix chan memory leak in sysopenat()
2019-06-12 Barret RhodenSupport O_CREATE with SYS_openat
2019-06-06 Barret Rhodenqio: clean up block_.*_metadata()
2019-06-06 Barret Rhodenqio: implement concatblock() for block extra data
2019-06-06 Barret Rhodenqio: implement pullupblock() for block extra data
2019-06-06 Barret Rhodenqio: implement padblock() for block extra data
2019-06-05 Barret Rhodenqio: add a few block helpers
2019-06-05 Barret Rhodenqio: move copy_to_block_body() out of qio.c
2019-06-05 Barret Rhodenqio: remove CONFIG_BLOCK_EXTRAS
2019-06-03 Barret Rhodenqio: check for leaked blocks
2019-05-31 Barret RhodenDo not call functions inside assert()
2019-05-31 Barret Rhodenelf: limit the number of argc/envc
2019-05-31 Barret Rhodenelf: do not use variable length arrays on the stack
2019-05-30 Barret Rhodenelf: do not use nested functions
2019-05-30 Aditya BasuRun default init script at boot when using defconfig
2019-05-30 Aditya BasuCleanup GETTING_STARTED.md
2019-05-30 Aditya BasuAdd AKAROS_TOOLCHAINS (XCC)
2019-05-30 Aditya BasuRemove use of AKAROS_XCC_ROOT (XCC)
2019-05-24 Barret Rhodenvmm: x86: do not advertise support for TSC_ADJUST
2019-05-24 Barret Rhodenvmm: refactor cpuid vmexit handling (XCC)
2019-05-24 Barret Rhodenvmm: rename VMCALL_* -> AKAROS_VMCALL_* (XCC)
2019-05-24 Barret Rhodenvmm: update the guest commandline for 5.1.
2019-05-24 Barret Rhodenvmm: remove the leading '%' from the printc vmcall
2019-05-24 Barret Rhodenvmm: remove verbose output
2019-05-21 Barret Rhoden9ns: change parsecmd()'s size arg's type to size_t
2019-05-17 Barret Rhodenproc: don't throw from proc_get_set()
2019-05-17 Barret Rhodenproc: fix refcounting bug in proc_get_set()
2019-05-16 Barret Rhodenvmm: fix gva2gpa PCID mask bug
2019-05-16 Barret Rhodenvmm: x86: set reserved bits in rflags for smp boot
2019-05-12 Barret Rhodenmm: remove the path arguments to foc_abs_path()
2019-05-12 Barret RhodenRename error_assert() -> error_check()
2019-05-12 Barret Rhodenprof: fix disgusting synchronzation
2019-05-09 Barret Rhodenevent: fix divide by 0 in send_event()
2019-05-09 Barret Rhoden9ns: fix format-string vulnerability in cmderror()
2019-05-02 Barret Rhoden9ns: don't pass user pointers for 'spec'
2019-05-02 Barret Rhodensd: fix error string arguments
2019-05-02 Barret Rhodencons: disable dangerous conswrites()
2019-05-02 Barret Rhodenregress: use parsecmd() instead of strncmp on user...
2019-05-02 Barret Rhodenkprof: use parsecmd() instead of strncmp on user pointers
2019-05-02 Barret Rhoden9ns: make kstrdup() actually atomic
2019-05-02 Barret Rhodenprintk: check for user pointers in format string parameters
2019-05-02 Barret Rhodenprintk: rename the string local var 's'
2019-05-02 Barret RhodenAdd warn_on_user_ptr()
2019-05-02 Barret Rhodencap: fix issues with waserror and memory leaks
2019-05-02 Barret Rhodencap: use MEM_WAIT for allocations
2019-05-02 Barret Rhodencap: fix format-string vulnerability
2019-04-30 Barret RhodenRemove extraneous sysfd2path()
2019-04-30 Barret RhodenFix null-pointer deref in SYS_readlink()
2019-04-30 Barret Rhoden9ns: ensure the parent of a rename target is a directory
2019-04-30 Barret RhodenFix unsanitized input to remove_fd_tap()
2019-04-24 Barret Rhoden9ns: treat opens of symlinks as EINVAL
2019-04-24 Barret Rhoden9ns: move the symlink check after the mount check
2019-04-24 Barret Rhoden9ns: make the diagnostic output of bind saner
2019-04-24 Barret Rhoden9ns: do not allow binding a symlink onto any other...
2019-04-14 Robin GöggeFix markdown inline code
2019-04-11 Barret Rhodenvmm: make output for failed vmexits more threadsafe
2019-04-11 Barret Rhodenvthread: x86: set the reserved bits in rflags
2019-04-11 Barret Rhodenparlib: have 2LS libraries #include parlib/stdio.h
2019-04-11 Barret RhodenSanitize vcoreid from untrusted sources
2019-04-09 Barret Rhodenmm: check for valid prot settings (XCC)
2019-04-09 Barret Rhodenmm: remove unused MAP_ and PROT_ flags (XCC)
2019-04-08 Barret Rhodenmm: fix checks for PROT_NONE
2019-04-08 Barret RhodenRemove getcallerpc()