2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch netif_addr_lock
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch core_id() calls
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch endian converters
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch ktime_ functions
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch user memcpy
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Various #defines in akaros_compat
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Spatch ilog2 -> LOG2_UP
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: dma_ interfaces
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Spatch memory allocations
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch spinlock conversions
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Spatch min, min_t, etc
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch signed typedefs
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch memory barriers
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch sleep functions
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch net_device -> ether
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: printk helpers
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: DMA helpers
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: mmiowb() -> bus_wmb()
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Fixes typedefs missed by spatch manually
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: IO funcs spatched
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: PCI conversions
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Semaphore compatibility
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: mutexes -> qlocks
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch ETH_*LEN
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: uint*_t spatch
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: LIST_HEAD -> LINUX_LIST_HEAD
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: removes all linux headers
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Kconfig/Kbuild support
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Initial import
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBusybox echo buffers lines to stdout
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenFixes re-arming alarms from IRQ handlers
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenAdds sscanf()
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenInitializers for struct poke_tracker
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenAdds zlib library
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenToolchain saves intermediate patches
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenAdds prefetch hints
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenAdds ALIGN and PAGE_ALIGN (XCC)
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenRemoves stray cocci file
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenVFS helpers for reading files in kernel mode
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenAdds epoch_*sec() helpers
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenAdds warn_on() and warn_on_once()
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenStruct ether accesses netif anonymously
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenLinux workqueue wrappers
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenUpdates spatch-me.sh
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenLinux's MMIO helpers
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenStatic initializers for semaphores
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenLite VM uses Linux's lists
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenAdds Linux's list.h
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenRenames BSD's LIST_* to BSD_LIST_*
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenLite VM fakes struct list_head
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenRemoves listable
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenEndian typedefs and #defines
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenBus space barriers (XCC)
2015-03-01 Ron Minnichnet: add LRO feature
2015-03-01 Barret Rhodenkthread_usleep()
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenPCI/MSI: pci_msix_init()
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenPCI/MSI: debug helper
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenPCI: use Linux's PCI register #defines
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenPCI: fixups and helpers
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenPCI: helper to make a TBDF from a pcidev
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenPCI: adds device-specific data pointer
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenPCI helper find_cap
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenAdds PCI config dump helper
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenAdds PCI iobar helper
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenClarifies alarm usage
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenPCI: helpers for BSD
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenMakes bcopy part of string.h
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenBSD taskqueues via KMSGs
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenUseful script for spatching
2015-03-01 Godfrey van... Return bool from reset_alarm_* apis.
2015-02-27 Ron MinnichEmergency commit to fix a gitastrophe
2015-02-18 Ron MinnichBarret pointed out that the inclusion of regions was...
2015-02-17 Ron MinnichRestart with just vmm rebased on master.
2015-02-16 Barret RhodenFinishes removal of x86_32 (XCC)
2015-02-16 Godfrey van... Fix error & poperror macros, update set_errstr.
2015-02-16 Godfrey van... Fix kprof attach leaks.
2015-02-16 Godfrey van... Add placeholder handling to devgen.
2015-02-16 Godfrey van... Update phony targets for tests Makefile.
2015-02-16 Godfrey van... Minor formatting changes
2015-02-16 Godfrey van... Fix potential compile warning.
2015-02-16 Godfrey van... De-copy-and-paste the devip gen functions.
2015-02-13 Ron Minnichremove 32 bit and uses of it.
2015-02-04 Kevin KluesAdd implementation of sem_timedwait.
2015-02-03 Ron MinnichUse the small id pool for tags.
2015-01-30 Barret RhodenFixes pcpu lock tracer
2015-01-29 Godfrey van... Fix void* arithmetic bug. Add dassert facility.
2015-01-29 Barret RhodenAdds a test for the u16 pool
2015-01-29 Barret RhodenCleans up smallpool, adds locking
2015-01-29 Barret RhodenLindent + comments
2015-01-28 Barret RhodenAdds some programs to busybox's default
2015-01-28 Barret RhodenBusybox will rebuild when defconfig changes
2015-01-27 Barret RhodenRemoves debugging code
2015-01-26 Ron MinnichFor your inspection: small id pool
2015-01-23 Barret RhodenBusybox build infrastructure (BB)
2015-01-23 Barret RhodenRemoves KFS symlinks
2015-01-22 Barret RhodenSlightly more useful error() in validname()
2015-01-22 Ron MinnichClean up the debug printing
2015-01-22 Ron MinnichRemove a moron error in test/cs.c
2015-01-20 Godfrey van... Enable __builtin_clz for all architectures.
2015-01-20 Barret RhodenRemoves the option ENABLE_MP_TABLES