lapic and ioapic support that's Not Good Enough.
[akaros.git] / user / ndblib / include /
2015-06-18 Barret RhodenChanges user includes to <library/header.h> (XCC)
2015-06-18 Barret RhodenAdds include symlinks for user libraries
2015-06-18 Barret RhodenCleans up and renames ndblib
2015-05-15 Barret RhodenCleans up userspace headers
2015-01-01 Barret RhodenImplements werrstr in glibc (XCC)
2014-07-16 Barret RhodenMoves the 9ns conv functions to glibc (XCC)
2014-03-11 Ronald G. MinnichAdd ndblib and iplib