net: tcp: Fix up the receive window
[akaros.git] / scripts /
2017-06-08 Gan ShunModify adt to use symbolic-ref
2017-03-02 Barret RhodenUpdate
2017-02-15 Barret RhodenExport CONFIG_ options via #version/kconfig
2017-02-09 Barret Rhodenparlib: Add a syscall lookup table (XCC)
2017-01-19 Gan ShunFix adt
2016-11-29 Barret RhodenRemove page refcnts
2016-11-02 Gan ShunAdded ADT script
2016-11-01 Barret RhodenAdd a script to help review gerrit patch sets
2016-10-31 Gan ShunAdd script to track a particular gerrit change
2016-06-20 Barret RhodenHave checkpatch ignore Gerrit change-ids
2016-06-20 Barret RhodenUpdate scripts/git/
2016-06-17 Barret Rhodenperf: Update documentation
2016-04-07 Barret RhodenSet qemu's port-forwarding to port 22
2016-03-31 Barret RhodenMake all block allocations use the same func [2/2]
2016-03-31 Barret RhodenRename KMALLOC_* -> MEM_* [2/2]
2016-03-16 Barret RhodenAdd git helper scripts and update Doc/Contributing
2016-02-11 Edward Hyunkoo JeeAdd QEMU port forwarding options for UDP as well as TCP
2015-12-03 Kevin KluesPrint ${remote}:${head} in link for code review
2015-12-03 Kevin KluesFix up some whitespace in
2015-11-18 Edward Hyunkoo JeeCreate that kills ufs server
2015-11-13 Kevin KluesAdd space between text and url in ak-code-review
2015-11-10 Kevin KluesAdd a set of ak-scripts for use by docopt-scripts
2015-11-02 Ronald G. MinnichMajor cleanups.
2015-11-02 Ronald G. MinnichFix VMPXE script
2015-11-02 Ronald G. MinnichBegin work on true virtio mmio Kill tests/vmrunkernel...
2015-11-02 Ronald G. MinnichStart shuffling functionality from kernel to user.
2015-10-28 Dan CrossDon't change calls to strcpy() to strncpy(); use strlcp...
2015-10-28 Barret RhodenAdd scripts/spelling.txt
2015-10-28 Barret RhodenAdjust for Akaros's style
2015-10-16 Barret RhodenChange checkpatch tab length to 4
2015-10-16 Barret RhodenAdd
2015-10-14 Kevin KluesRemove errstrings.h, in favor of error.c
2015-09-28 Barret RhodenRename various 9ns symbols to O_FOO (XCC)
2015-09-28 Barret RhodenHave rendez_sleep_timeout() take usec, not msec
2015-09-23 Xiao JiaUpdate spatch/linux/*.cocci
2015-07-24 Barret Rhodenqio: Rename qnoblock -> qdropoverflow
2015-07-16 Barret Rhodenudelay_sched() -> kthread_usleep()
2015-06-26 Kevin KluesMake vars overwritable / fix typo: S0 -> SO
2015-06-18 Ronald G. MinnichAdds Ron's VMWARE Fusion on OSX pxeboot script
2015-06-11 Ronald G. MinnichUse the e1000 in kvm since it can use big addresses
2015-06-04 Barret RhodenAdds a backtrace helper for user backtraces
2015-03-19 Barret RhodenUpdates bootable USB tools
2015-03-19 Barret RhodenBNX2X: fixes cont_page allocation
2015-03-17 Ron MinnichVarious minor debugging changes
2015-03-10 Ron MinnichRun a NIX guest.
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Fixes atomic_cmpxchg spatch
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch atomics
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch changes for BUG and WARN
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Spatch dev_addr->ea
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch roundup/rounddown
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch IRQ handlers
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch ether->mtu -> ether->maxmtu
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch netdevice feature conversion
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch pci/irq tidbits
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch netif_addr_lock
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch core_id() calls
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch endian converters
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch ktime_ functions
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch user memcpy
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Spatch ilog2 -> LOG2_UP
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Spatch memory allocations
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch spinlock conversions
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Spatch min, min_t, etc
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch signed typedefs
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch memory barriers
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch sleep functions
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch net_device -> ether
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: mmiowb() -> bus_wmb()
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: Fixes typedefs missed by spatch manually
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: IO funcs spatched
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: PCI conversions
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: mutexes -> qlocks
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: spatch ETH_*LEN
2015-03-02 Barret RhodenBNX2X: uint*_t spatch
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenRemoves stray cocci file
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenStruct ether accesses netif anonymously
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenUpdates
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenUseful script for spatching
2015-01-05 Ron MinnichNIX mode.
2014-11-06 Ron Minnichcs avoidance
2014-10-13 Barret RhodenLock_test analysis: lock_test.R
2014-10-07 Barret RhodenAdds script to build bootable USB drives
2014-07-25 Ronald G. Minnichsysrename: fix to take full paths. Currently not quite...
2014-06-17 Ronald G. Minnichadd the listen1 command.
2014-05-15 Ronald G. MinnichUgly script to add tracing.
2014-05-12 Ronald G. Minnichoprofile: preliminary design for queues between cores...
2014-03-19 Ronald G. MinnichFix up bugs in IP query
2014-03-08 Ronald G. MinnichGet the vm code to build again.
2014-02-28 Ronald G. MinnichMore ioapic support, will it ever end.
2014-02-27 Ronald G. MinnichAdd ACPI support.
2014-02-18 Barret RhodenUpdate gtag script
2014-01-31 Ronald G. MinnichAdd the inferno mkroot script
2014-01-26 Ronald G. MinnichStart to get e1000 into a shape we can use
2014-01-26 Ronald G. MinnichThe 8169 and mii from gpxe now build
2014-01-17 Barret Rhodenkproc -> ktask
2014-01-17 Ronald G. MinnichRemove usage of index and mallocz.
2014-01-17 Barret RhodenUse rendez for sleep/wakeup/etc
2014-01-17 Ronald G. MinnichAdded system calls, had to tweak a few things as a...
2014-01-17 Ronald G. Minnichget ipaux.c to build.
2014-01-17 Ronald G. MinnichGetting more of the IP stack to compile