elf: limit the number of argc/envc
[akaros.git] / scripts / ak-scripts /
2019-03-26 Barret RhodenFix 8 space tab formatting for non-C files
2016-02-11 Edward Hyunkoo JeeAdd QEMU port forwarding options for UDP as well as TCP
2015-12-03 Kevin KluesPrint ${remote}:${head} in link for code review
2015-12-03 Kevin KluesFix up some whitespace in ak-code-review.sh
2015-11-18 Edward Hyunkoo JeeCreate ak-kill-9pserver.sh that kills ufs server
2015-11-13 Kevin KluesAdd space between text and url in ak-code-review
2015-11-10 Kevin KluesAdd a set of ak-scripts for use by docopt-scripts