Overhaul lock_test.R
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2020-04-01 Barret Rhodeniommu: use parse_cmd() for attach/detach
2020-04-01 Barret Rhodeniommu: overhaul initialization code
2020-04-01 Barret RhodenAdd retry_until()
2020-04-01 Barret Rhodencbdma: overhauled #cbdma
2020-04-01 Barret Rhodenrendez: tell callers whether or not we timedout
2020-04-01 Barret RhodenAdd a simple watchdog
2020-04-01 Barret Rhodenhpet: add basic support for using timers
2020-03-03 Barret RhodenAdd a #template device
2020-03-03 Barret RhodenAdd an escape hatch for "NMI-safer" printing
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenioat: support running in a process's address space
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenpci: pci_set_ops() always assigns to the kernel
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenproc: iommu: flush the iotlb during shootdowns
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodeniommu: rewrite device assignment
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodendma: add user DMA arenas
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodendma: use per-device dma_arenas for dedicated devices
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenx86: print out the Guest PA width during boot
2020-03-03 Barret RhodenAdd a benchmark for TLB flushes and shootdowns
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenx86: check for unmask() during deregister_irq()
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenpci: add a helper to lookup a pci_device by string
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenproc: make switch_to(NULL) a noop
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenioat: support device reset
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenpci: add support for assigning and resetting devices
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenpci: remove irq_dev
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenpci: fix memory allocation type
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenpci: add a helper to detect 32 bit BARs
2020-03-03 Barret Rhodenpci: map all memory BARs into the kernel
2019-11-06 Barret RhodenUnmap pages mapped during a failed fill_vmr()
2019-11-06 Barret RhodenHandle ENOMEM during fork()
2019-10-23 Barret Rhodenx86: add FL_STATUS (XCC)
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: clean up MSI handlers and vectors
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: use a proper allocator for IRQ vectors
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: msi: refactor pci_msi_enable()
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: add deregister_irq()
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: use RCU to protect the IRQ handlers list
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenx86: return the irq_handler from register_irq()
2019-10-08 Barret RhodenRemove the KADDR check from pahexdump()
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodendma: rewrite DMA allocations with arenas and KMCs
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenslab: free the expanded hash table
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: add __arena_create() and __arena_destroy()
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: check for imports when destroying
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: allow "self-sourced" arenas
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenslab: trigger allocation failure for failed ctors
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenslab: warn about duplicated KMC names when tracing
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: fix qcache double-free
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenslab: add __kmem_cache_destroy()
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: add arena tests
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenslab: use a singly-linked list for bufctls
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenslab: don't assume allocations succeed
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenslab: fix alignment issues
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: fix xalloc minaddr|maxaddr
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: allow a nocross xalloc() with a source arena
2019-10-08 Barret RhodenAdd a helper for least common multiple
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: fix __arena_add() quantum alignment issue
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: let the kernel call kmemstat()
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: destroy qcaches when destroying arenas
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena/slab: warn when destroying unfreed items
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenslab: remove magazines from lists in depot_destroy()
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: warn instead of panic for free-checks
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: allow freeing NULL
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: do not round-up when picking xalloc lists
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: use the entire imported span
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: fix btag freeing in arena_destroy()
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenarena: make 'name' a const char *
2019-10-08 Barret RhodenInclude linux/overflow.h and sys/types.h in all files
2019-10-08 Barret RhodenAdd shortened integer typedefs
2019-10-08 Barret RhodenAdd overflow.h from Linux
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenioat: port the IOAT driver
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenioat: spatch the IOAT driver
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenioat: import the IOAT driver from Linux
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodendma: port Linux's dmaengine
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodendma: spatch Linux's dmaengine files
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodendma: import dmaengine from Linux
2019-10-08 Barret RhodenPort Linux's sizes.h
2019-10-08 Barret RhodenAdd Linux's sizes.h
2019-10-08 Barret RhodenAdd Linux's circ_buf.h
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenmlx4: do not set struct device * to NULL
2019-10-08 Barret Rhodenpci: rename device->linux_dev
2019-10-01 Barret RhodenRework the Linux-compat timer code
2019-10-01 Barret Rhodenmlx4: use setup_timer()
2019-10-01 Barret Rhodenalarm: do not wait for unset when resetting an alarm
2019-10-01 Barret RhodenAdd a few Linux compatibility shims
2019-10-01 Barret RhodenMake linker function declarations a tag
2019-10-01 Barret RhodenRename the __percpu section
2019-10-01 Barret Rhodenx86: clean up MSI(X) output format
2019-10-01 Barret Rhodenslab: add kmem_cache_zalloc()
2019-10-01 Barret Rhodencbdma: skip initializing any PCI devices
2019-08-22 Barret Rhodenvmm: x86: allow guests to poke MSR_IA32_PRED_CMD (XCC)
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuiommu: populate functions for setup/teardown of page...
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuiommu: add support for iotlb shootdowns and write-buffe...
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuiommu: add essential functionality
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuiommu: cleanup intel-iommu.h
2019-08-19 Aditya Basuiommu: import "linux/intel-iommu.h" from Linux v5.1
2019-08-19 Aditya Basucbdma: add support for Intel CBDMA/IOAT
2019-08-19 Aditya Basupci: add domain identifier
2019-08-19 Aditya Basupci: add mmio addr to #pci ctl files
2019-08-14 Barret Rhodenacpi: handle machines with no MCFG
2019-08-14 Barret Rhodenpci: add support for MMIO config space
2019-08-14 Barret Rhodenpci: rename pci_{read,write}{8,16,32} accessors
2019-08-14 Barret Rhodenpci: remove PIO pci_{read,write}{8,16,32} declarations
2019-08-14 Barret Rhodenacpi: parse the MCFG table