x86: vmm: Finalize to owning_proc, not cur_proc.
[akaros.git] / kern / kfs / etc /
2016-05-31 Dan CrossRemove x permissions on a data file.
2016-05-13 Dan CrossRewrite /ifconfig
2016-04-07 Barret RhodenAdd a default sshd host key
2016-03-28 Ronald G. Minnichpasswd: put in a one line passwd file for Unix programs
2015-10-08 Xiao JiaMove network config blocks out of ifconfig
2014-08-12 Ronald G. MinnichRevert "Add /etc/ld.so.conf so the dynamic loader has...
2014-08-12 Ronald G. MinnichAdd /etc/ld.so.conf so the dynamic loader has a path...