Fix 8 space tab formatting for non-C files
[akaros.git] / kern / arch / riscv / kernel.ld
2019-03-26 Barret RhodenFix 8 space tab formatting for non-C files
2018-11-02 Barret RhodenRemove STAB info
2018-06-11 Barret RhodenMove linker PROVIDE statements inside sections
2016-06-16 Barret RhodenAdd a build-id to the kernel
2015-11-30 Barret RhodenRemove the edata symbol
2015-11-30 Barret RhodenMemset the BSS explicitly
2014-01-21 Barret RhodenLinker tables for automatic structures
2011-11-11 Andrew WatermanChanges to RISC-V supervisor mode
2011-11-03 Andrew Watermancode changes for new RISC-V GCC toolchain
2011-11-03 Andrew Watermansome RISC-V fixes
2011-11-03 Andrew WatermanRISC-V SMP boot works
2011-11-03 Andrew WatermanInitial commit of RISC-V architecture port