x86: cleans up syscalls, fixes pop_ros_tf() (XCC)
[akaros.git] / kern / arch / i686 / ros / syscall.h
2011-11-03 Barret Rhodenx86: cleans up syscalls, fixes pop_ros_tf() (XCC)
2011-11-03 Barret RhodenAll local system calls are asynchronous (XCC)
2011-11-03 David Zhufixing sparc-specific compilation issues.
2011-11-03 David ZhuFixing syscalls to new seterrno and setretval.
2011-11-03 Kevin KluesCleaned up the way ifdefs are handled
2011-11-03 Andrew WatermanFixed TLS on i386
2011-11-03 Kevin KluesAdded support for returning errors from syscalls
2011-11-03 Kevin KluesFixed bug in sysenter/sysexit
2011-11-03 Kevin KluesMajor reorganization in prep for appserver merge