vmap: Use {map,unmap}_segment() helpers
[akaros.git] / Makefile
2016-11-01 Ronald G. MinnichReorder the top level Makefile so that full builds...
2016-07-19 Barret RhodenAdd support for better backtraces
2016-07-15 Dan CrossBASH for Akaros.
2016-06-23 Barret Rhodenperf: Fix the top-level Makefile
2016-06-16 Barret RhodenAdd a build-id to the kernel
2016-06-16 Barret RhodenAdd elfutils to the distribution
2016-06-16 Barret RhodenRemove the BUILD_INFO_FILE variable
2016-06-16 Barret RhodenRemove snc
2016-05-23 Dan CrossAdd `ipconfig` from Plan 9.
2016-05-02 Barret RhodenMake user/vmm depend on benchutil
2016-02-17 Barret RhodenClean up user library include paths (XCC)
2016-02-13 Barret RhodenBuild the kernel with -Werror
2015-12-21 Davide LibenziCreated a new Makefrag-user-app helper for building...
2015-12-17 Davide LibenziAdded makefile machinary to generate the build informat...
2015-12-16 Davide LibenziMove Linux perf format conversion into perf tool, drop...
2015-12-16 Davide LibenziEmit build information file into KFS /etc/build.info
2015-12-16 Davide LibenziAdded new perf utility to access CPU counters from...
2015-12-16 Davide LibenziAdded libpfm4 library support
2015-11-18 Davide LibenziAdded simple netcat client for Akaros
2015-11-18 Davide LibenziAdded kprof to perf converter
2015-10-28 Barret RhodenCheck system headers for warnings for userspace
2015-10-01 Kevin KluesMake --no-print-directory optional in MAKERULES
2015-09-28 Barret RhodenMake user/vmm depend on parlib
2015-09-28 Barret RhodenHave make fill-kfs depend on tests
2015-07-15 Kevin KluesAdd 'xcc-upgrade' and 'xcc-upgrade-from-scratch'
2015-07-15 Kevin KluesAdd targets to install/clean bundled apps
2015-07-15 Kevin KluesAdd useful XCC targets to top level makefile
2015-07-15 Kevin KluesPipe $(OBJDUMP) output to /dev/null to avoid error
2015-06-18 Ronald G. MinnichAdd basic vmm library
2015-06-04 Barret RhodenRemoves libbsd (XCC)
2015-06-04 Barret RhodenBuild userspace with -fno-omit-frame-pointer (XCC)
2015-04-17 Barret RhodenParlib and other user libs are built with -fPIC
2015-04-17 Barret RhodenBuilds libstdc++.so (XCC)
2015-03-01 Barret RhodenAdds zlib library
2014-12-31 Kevin Kluesfill-kfs from XCC_TARGET_LIB, not XCC_TARGET_ROOT
2014-12-31 Kevin KluesOnly one way of building the XCC now
2014-12-31 Kevin KluesFigure out where to install-libs
2014-11-19 Barret RhodenUser libraries depend on their dependencies .a's
2014-06-03 Barret RhodenBenchutil needs to depend on parlib
2014-06-02 Kevin KluesNeed to cd into user/utest to do proper make clean
2014-06-02 Kevin KluesAdd specific target for cleaning the utests
2014-05-05 Kevin KluesMajor overhaul to testing infrastructure
2014-05-05 Kevin KluesMake infrastructure for better organized user testing
2014-04-29 Barret RhodenBSD sockets library relies on parlib
2014-04-26 Ronald G. MinnichMake changes to the bsd library to get it to built...
2014-03-29 Barret RhodenSets pthread to depend on benchutil
2014-03-11 Ronald G. MinnichAdd ndblib and iplib
2014-02-28 Ronald G. MinnichMore ioapic support, will it ever end.
2014-01-26 Barret RhodenSupport for building directories outside the repo
2014-01-17 Barret RhodenBetter debugging support
2014-01-16 Barret RhodenMakefile can detect changes in alternate KFS dirs
2014-01-16 Ronald G. MinnichFix the top level makefile
2013-08-08 Barret RhodenFixes KFS multi-paths
2013-07-17 Barret RhodenReflects symbol table into the kernel
2013-06-26 Barret RhodenFixes fill-kfs
2013-06-23 Barret RhodenMakefile rebuilds binary objects on subarch change
2013-06-22 Barret RhodenFixes bug with 64 bit linkage
2013-06-21 Barret RhodenMakefile changes to support the new XCC
2013-06-13 Barret Rhodenx86: objdump 64 bit kernel properly
2013-06-12 Barret RhodenSplits x86 into 32 and 64 bit (XCC)
2013-06-08 Barret RhodenAdds 64 bit option
2013-06-07 Barret RhodenFixes makefile bug
2013-06-07 Kevin KluesCleanup the fill-kfs make target so usable by all
2013-06-07 Barret RhodenChanges XCC_ROOT->XCC_TARGET_ROOT
2013-06-06 Barret RhodenRemoves c3po
2013-06-06 Barret RhodenCross compiler is now set by the arch
2013-06-06 Barret RhodenMoves network drivers out of arch code
2013-06-03 Barret RhodenPatches objdump (XCC)
2013-06-03 Barret RhodenKernel configuration uses Kconfig
2013-06-01 Barret RhodenModified the build system to use Kconfig
2013-05-31 Barret RhodenFixes CPIO creation for non-i386 machines
2013-05-31 Barret RhodenBuild system overhauled to use Kbuild (XCC)