Add more restrictive oflag checks to sys_open
[akaros.git] / GETTING_STARTED
2014-04-26 Barret RhodenUpdated GETTING_STARTED with busybox info
2013-08-08 Barret RhodenUpdated GETTING_STARTED
2013-07-12 Barret RhodenChanges Akaros default build to x86_64
2013-06-22 Kevin KluesUpdate cross compiler instructions to build for i686
2013-06-07 Kevin KluesCleanup the fill-kfs make target so usable by all
2013-06-07 Barret RhodenChanges ARCH i686 -> x86 (XCC)
2013-06-06 Kevin KluesUpdated GETTING_STARTED and corresponsing scripts
2013-06-03 Barret RhodenKernel configuration uses Kconfig
2013-05-31 Barret RhodenBuild system overhauled to use Kbuild (XCC)
2013-03-22 Barret RhodenMerge origin/netpush (networking code) (XCC)
2013-02-23 Barret RhodenUpdates doc with new image file and instructions
2013-02-08 Barret RhodenFills out documentation about GETTING_STARTED
2013-01-22 Kevin KluesAdded GETTING_STARTED file