Remove old tests and mhello
authorBarret Rhoden <>
Wed, 19 Apr 2017 21:17:32 +0000 (17:17 -0400)
committerBarret Rhoden <>
Wed, 3 May 2017 16:13:02 +0000 (12:13 -0400)
Remove old tests and mhello

The venerable mhello (and its lesser buddy mcp_halt) need to be retired.
Given the changes in uthread code, it's harder to fake being a 2LS without
implementing a 2LS, and it's not worth maintaining those programs.

Goodnight sweet prince.

Signed-off-by: Barret Rhoden <>
46 files changed:
tests/mcp_halt.c [deleted file]
tests/mhello.c [deleted file]
tests/old/appender.c [deleted file]
tests/old/arsc_mt.c [deleted file]
tests/old/arsc_test.c [deleted file]
tests/old/badsegment.c [deleted file]
tests/old/breakpoint.c [deleted file]
tests/old/buggyhello.c [deleted file]
tests/old/condvar_test.c [deleted file]
tests/old/divzero.c [deleted file]
tests/old/dtls_test.c [deleted file]
tests/old/eth_audio.c [deleted file]
tests/old/evilhello.c [deleted file]
tests/old/faultread.c [deleted file]
tests/old/faultreadkernel.c [deleted file]
tests/old/faultwrite.c [deleted file]
tests/old/faultwritekernel.c [deleted file]
tests/old/fork.c [deleted file]
tests/old/fp_test.c [deleted file]
tests/old/ [deleted file]
tests/old/hart_test.c [deleted file]
tests/old/idle.c [deleted file]
tests/old/manycore_test.c [deleted file]
tests/old/mproctests.c [deleted file]
tests/old/msr_cycling_vcores.c [deleted file]
tests/old/msr_dumb_while.c [deleted file]
tests/old/msr_get_cores.c [deleted file]
tests/old/msr_get_singlecore.c [deleted file]
tests/old/msr_nice_while.c [deleted file]
tests/old/msr_single_while.c [deleted file]
tests/old/null.c [deleted file]
tests/old/proctests.c [deleted file]
tests/old/raise.c [deleted file]
tests/old/slab.c [deleted file]
tests/old/softint.c [deleted file]
tests/old/spawn.c [deleted file]
tests/old/syscall.c [deleted file]
tests/old/syscall_speed.c [deleted file]
tests/old/tcp_test.c [deleted file]
tests/old/test_mmap_ipc.c [deleted file]
tests/old/test_ucq.c [deleted file]
tests/old/testbss.c [deleted file]
tests/old/tlstest.c [deleted file]
tests/old/tsc_spitter.c [deleted file]
tests/old/udp_test.c [deleted file]
tests/old/vvadd.c [deleted file]